Babblers Room (3 months – 24 months):

At this very early stage, babies are drinking it all in; observing everything around them.  They gradually learn how to control their bodies in response to everything around them and we love to see them begin to communicate with their Kids Allowed family! The Baby Room team focus on stimulating tactile activities that encourage development.  They work hard to create a “home-from-home” environment, that provides a gentle transition from home to nursery life, including lots of cuddles!

As their mobility, dexterity and language improve, children begin exploring their environment with greater zeal – otherwise known as the ‘into everything’ phase! In the Woddler Room, these skills can flourish. With the help of purpose-built furniture and play resources, the team encourage children to stretch themselves both physically and imaginatively.


Movers Room (2-3 years):

OurShaker Room is completely self- contained with playroom, sleep room & separate changing room.  The room has a large, cosy story corner and the second half of the room is used for messy activities and eating.   A daily feedback sheet will be provided.


Explorers Room (3-5 years):

With growing independence and with their own unique personality really shining through, toddler-aged children are ready to start developing social skills; self-help and many other life skills. In the Toddler Room, we support this development with activities such as circle time, dressing skills, toilet training and shared meal times where children are encouraged to feed themselves. The focus is on purposeful play, which sets the foundation for a life long love of learning.

This is quite a fast and furious development phase! Children grow in confidence by the day, and quickly become more skilled in so many different areas. They’re physically more able, with fine motor skills developing. Their use of language flourishes and their enquiring minds are keen to know the answers to all of life’s mysteries. Like little sponges, they soak up all the information and all the different experiences we can share with them.

In the Pre-school Room, our team plan activities to reflect Curriculum for Excellence for the development of pre-school children. There are opportunities to learn at every turn, including early reading and maths skills; mark-making; imaginative play and ICT (Information and Communication Technology). These opportunities are reinforced through what we call ‘purposeful play’.  We begin to introduce a little more structure to the day, along with activities such as baking (a great way of supporting early maths); using the interactive white board and taking the children out on interesting trips. Our aim is to instil and encourage self-confidence and a real enjoyment of learning, so when they start school, they’re self assured and raring to go!



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