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Farina(Operational Manager): I have worked in educational settings for a period of 25 years, during which have obtained many relevant qualifications:

Master degree MSC in Educational Studies     –     Postgrad certificate in education therapy     –     BA degree (Hons) in English

PDA management level 8     –     SVQ Level 3 in Children and Young People     –     Child Protection Level 4 – SVQ qualified A1 assessor

In Addition, I am currently undergoing the PhD in Education and the PDA Child Practice level 9 qualification.


Jordyn: I have been working in the nursery sector for 5 years, and during this period, I have obtained a SVQ Level 7 in Childcare and Young People. I wish to qualify myself further and work towards the management course (PDA Level 8). I am currently the room supervisor for pre-school (explorers) room. I enjoy creating challenging yet engaging activities for all the children. My hobbies include looking after my son Aaron, watching him grow and develop, and taking him to the farm.

Jodie: I have worked in childcare for over 10 years and have acquired a SVQ Level 3 qualification in Children and Young People. I have qualified myself to work with autistic children. Additionally, I have completed a S.E.A.L course (stages of early arithmetical learning). Similarly, I have completed a large variety of Flick training courses including child protection, first aid and fire safety etc). My hobbies include spending time with my children and taking our dog out for muddy walks.

Arian: I have worked in the nursery for 5 years and have obtained the SVQ Level 3 Children and Young People certificate. I currently work part-time in the Explorer’s room, as I have just completed a Business Management and Finance (BA) University Degree. Additionally, I am just about to commence a master’s course (MSC) in Accounting and Finance. In my spare time, I like to play badminton with my university team, and play chess.  I like to play with the boys and girls in the garden playing football, hide and seek, duck duck goose, and What’s the time Mr Wolf.

Charlie: I am still relatively new to the sector, and have been working within the nursery for a year, yet it has been an incredible year working with children and young people. I love seeing the boys and girls grow up in order to finally be ready for primary school. Further, I am working towards obtaining a Level 3 in Children and Young People. On a typical day outside the nursery I enjoy doing sports such as dancing, running and cycling. Likewise, I thoroughly enjoy horse riding and helping look after them.


Freya: I have been working in childcare for 2 years, and I am the cuddlers (baby) room supervisor. I love creating pictures with the babies using various materials and gluing. Prior to working in childcare, I obtained a BA (Hons) at University studying Education Studies and Philosophy. I am currently undergoing the Level 3 SVQ Children and Young People. Moreover, I am just about to commence a Postgraduate in Therapeutic Play Skills. In my free time, I like to sew and crochet, and do ballet and yoga.

Rose: I have been working within the nursery division for 10 years. During this period, I have gained valuable and essential experience in order to cater to all ages of children and all children’s needs and requirements. I enjoy reading and going on scenic walks and hikes. I find joy when the babies learn to crawl, walk and talk. I love going with the babies on walks and outings.

Maryam: I have worked in the nursery for 3 years and I am undergoing my SVQ Level 3 in Children and Young People. I love creating messy activities for the children, and doing water-play stimulating all of their senses. During my free time, I love spending time with my 3 children and baking with them.


Sarah: I am undergoing my SVQ Level 3 Children and Young People, and I am eager to finish it soon. I am an enthusiastic and motivated individual who adores spending time with children, playing with them and catering to all their needs. In my spare time, I enjoy practising makeup on myself or my family members. I love looking after my nephew and taking him on days out too.

Tina: I have worked in childcare for various years and have obtained a SVQ Level 3 in Children and Young People qualification. I similarly have a University Degree in Child Health Nursing (Hons). My hobbies include keeping fit, skiing and reading. Further, I have obtained a HND qualification in Human Resource Management. I love baking with the children and making sensory activities engaging all of their senses.

Arina: I have worked in the nursery for 5 years, and love working with the various age groups. I work part-time, working alongside obtaining a University Degree in Law (Hons). Likewise, I am currently undergoing the SVQ Level 3 Children and Young People Qualification. I love playing building blocks with the children and doing various role play and dress ups with the boys and girls. In my free time, I like playing piano and looking after my younger cousins reading them books and singing songs with them.

Hayriye: I have worked in childcare for 5 years, and have worked afar as Turkey. In doing so, I was able to acknowledge the different modes and methods of working within the sector and was able to take these experiences and skills back with myself to Scotland. My hobbies include swimming and going on picturesque walks with my son.


Shakfit: I have the following certificates: Food Hygiene, Infection control, Health and Safety qualifications.

Senior Staff liase frequently with the Nursery Managers, Deputies and appraisals occur regularly. They can be identified by a different coloured uniform and their name badges.

All senior staff are qualified Nursery Practitioners with a SVQ level 3 in Childcare, or HNC in Childcare and Education.

The Nursery Support Workers are also dedicated and are sensitive to the needs of the individual children. They have a range of experience, some possessing other qualifications, however they are getting trained for the Level 3 (SVQ).

All our staff regularly attend training nights and are qualified in the following: Child Protection, How good is our early learning and childcare, food hygiene, Getting It Right For Every Child (GIRFEC), Paediatric First Aid, Curriculum for Excellence, Pre Birth to 3 Planning, Autism and Awareness Training.

Staff are encouraged to participate in courses and further their professional development by attending our monthly training from our sister company One Step Access Training Company. We require all staff to have Child Protection Training.

The Nursery operates a key person system. A key person has special responsibilities for working with a small number of children, giving them the reassurance to feel safe and cared for and building relationships with their parents.

Notice boards in each room help identify the whereabouts of staff.

The Nursery is staffed according to the numbers of children present. The ratio of staff to children is as follows:

1:3 for babies/toddlers 3 months – 2 years
1:5 for children 2 years – 3 years
1:8 for children 3 years – 5 years.


Do you have a childcare qualification or are looking to do a childcare apprenticeship?  If you are interested in joining our team, please email your CV


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